A Message From The SHE-EO

My obsession with beauty and fashion started from birth, you could say. My mom would spend hours taking me in and out of different outfits until I would get so fussy, I’d start snorting. Of course I don’t remember this as a baby, but I do vividly remember for every event or occasion, we were best dressed. My parents were always on top of my sister and I about our appearance so naturally it was something that I didn’t take lightly. Little did I know those were the seeds from which my passions would sprout.


From color paper wardrobe creations at the kitchen table to an exclusive design program at SCAD, I knew early on that I wanted my career to be just as colorful as the pieces I’d been making all my life. In 2016, I earned my bachelors degree from Georgia State University, where I majored in Journalism with a Public Relations concentration, and Hospitality minor. PR was suppose to be my link between a “real” career and my passion for beauty and fashion. It wasn’t until years later I realized I could have and do everything I wanted.



In March 2019, I debuted my signature collection of handcrafted,100% mink 25mm lash strips. To commemorate the one year in business, BLINKMorgglam expanded our collection to include a variety of air weight, durable lashes ranging from 16-20mm. In true “MORGGLAM” fashion, BMG has now going beyond your lash line! Not only do we sell Atlanta’s favorite voluminous strips, we are now your one stop shop in beauty, fashion, and more! BLINKMORGGLAM provides Glamour Girls nationwide with the confidence and poise that


Life may not be perfect, but your LOOK can be when you #BLINKMORGGLAM


Glamorously Yours, 

Morgan Rogers